Highland Bulli

cicada, cockatoo, kookaburra ...

Posted by Eoin Connaughton on Jan 11, 2018

Australia Christmas 2017

Our first stop was Bulli - a suburban village one hour south of Sydney with a nice surf beach and obligatory olympic size ocean pool.

Our airbnb accommodation was a timber framed single storey house clinging to the hillside. It was at the top of a steep hill which meant a strenuous walk from Bulli station (especially in 30.C+ heat). It was surrounded by eucalyptus trees and we felt like we were well and truly in the bush. The noise of the cicadas was deafening! (usually at dawn and dusk) It came in waves and built to a crescendo. There were also very lively and noisy white cockatoos who unlike the cicadas could be seen aswell as heard. They had a tendency to dive bomb people.

Less prevalent but more interesting were the laughing kookaburras - not easy to see but unmistakeable in their monkey like chattering call.

We also had nocturnal visitors including the oppossum - apparently notorious scavengers.

Bulli also had a show ground (which was the greyhound stadium). We went to a twilight market there on Sunday 17th December. A very friendly and sociable event with lots of stalls including a variety of food and drink. There was also a live band.

We had a nice time at Bulli and it was a good place to recover from the journey to Australia.

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