Abstract Expression

Edge Condition 1-1997

Posted by Eoin Connaughton on Jan 15, 2018

My painting above was/is an abstract expression or re-interpretation of 'The Annunciation', by Fra Angelico. It was originally a renaissance fresco depicting the archangel Gabriel appearing to the virgin Mary; there are also a number of painted reproductions.

A slide of 'The Annunciation' had been used in an architectural design seminar to stimulate discussion about perspective and spatial issues and more pertinently for me - the admittance of light.

My painting was therefore about one of the fundamentals of architecture - mediation between the internal and external. Architecture as mediation. The architect as mediator.

In it's most reductive/banal form the mediating element is a wall with windows and a door; but, the nature of that element could offer a multitude of possibilities.

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