Sunday Run

Kinder Surprise

Posted by Eoin Connaughton on Jan 21, 2018

Martin, Stewart and I set off from Hope School and enjoyed the trudge up to Lose Hill. It wasn't quite a white out at that stage and we proceeded to barrel down to Backtor bridge. Stewart managed another bruised hip as soon as we hit the tarmac (ouch!). Under the railway bridge and on up to Rowland Cote Moor. We gained the edge path and it really was a white out with the wind picking up to cool us further. We lost the path and found two intrepid runners - one of them was in shorts which was brave considering I was feeling underdressed in my lycra leggings. Anyway we stumbled on and eventually came to Crookstone Knoll (which was reassuring). We headed south through waste deep snow with thoughts of breakfast at the Anglers Rest - which was much needed when we finally got there. Stewart had sensibly not stopped in Bamford. The snow had got heavier and I set off gingerly from Bamford with Martin following. Hathersage was interesting and I gritted my teeth as the Stobart truck came slaloming through the village. I did a bit of slip, slide slaloming myself but made it home unscathed. 

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